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It dawned on me in May 2018 that no single website offered a variety of high-end products all in one place. So, with limited knowledge of the complexities involved in setting up such a robust and exciting new website, I set forth on my journey to create one. Dedicated to the marketing of luxury items.

I am Robert Heyes, founding publisher and CEO of Life’s Luxuries. My commitment is to provide you with nothing less than the most exceptional service, ease of use, and quality of products listed on our website. This commitment is backed by an incredible amount of research and development that has gone into ensuring that you receive the best experience possible when buying and selling on Life’s Luxuries

Any journey needs helpers along the way, so, since I understand that the right team can achieve miracles, I’ve put together a team of career professionals, all with more than 10 years of experience in their chosen area of expertise, to help achieve my goals. Along with helpers come mentors, and people who inspire you along the journey. In my case, I have drawn an immense amount of motivation, inspiration, and conviction from the former CEO of Alibaba. I can relate to Mr. Jack Ma’s life story in so many ways. For example, once, as a teen, I got a job because the other applicants were all too smart. One of them, a friend, was disappointed because he didn’t get the job. I, on the other hand, was elated because I realized that being a good person and believing in yourself can transform your life. It’s not what other people think of you. So, with hard work and a first-rate team, we are all completely committed and confident that you will receive nothing but the superlative from Life’s Luxuries.


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Life’s Luxuries is intentionally developed to deliver an incredible experience for people who only want the best and would rather not waste their time searching the Internet for that one-of-a-kind item of interest. Because Life’s Luxuries understands that life is so short and precious and that only the best will do for you, Life’s Luxuries offers you nothing but the best.

Our Mission

The objective of Life’s Luxuries is to evolve as the world progresses in order to provide you with a safe and secure website to buy and sell unique products. Life’s Luxuries will be the premier and most convenient online destination for both popular and unusual luxury goods. We shall provide the highest standard of customer service, presented with warmth, friendliness, and compassion. Excellence is our obligation.

Only Creative Solutions

We are currently working on other categories and features to build the World’s most exciting and convenient marketplace for luxury items. We have implemented PayPal and Stripe as our payment gateways. This enables you to pay with either your credit/debit card or your existing account with the two top secure payment gateways on the internet. So, please subscribe and stay in touch, and remember every day is what you make of it.